zSlider: A beautiful JQuery Image Slider

After Wall Scripts, JQuery galleries are the most liked part of this blog So I decided to create another one. slider is a beautiful image slider for your web applications. I created this for those people who need a fancy jquery image slider with a simple-to-use but for a limited number of images. This slider accepts two lists of images, each list will have 12 thumbs limit which means you can add 24 images to this gallery. Currently, this version has some limitations such as the number of images to be used and the maximum limit of images. But it is one of the best galleries I have created.
This slider has features such as:

– Play Paus Button
– Navigate through the First and Second List
– Control images with Arrow keys on the Keyboard
– Click to see a specific image
– Caption on Images

Limitations :

There are a few limitations in this gallery such as you have to use 6,9 or 12 images for one slider. It means if you have 5 images then you cant use this slider. If you have 9 then add all thumbs in the first list and assign var totalThumbsFirstList = 9;
and set var totalThumbsSecondList = 0; If you have 18 Images then assign 12 to the first and the remaining 6 to the second list and then you will define the param like this:

var totalThumbsFirstList = 12;<br>var totalThumbsSecondList = 6

In short, this is perfect for 12 or 24 images so try to use 12 or 24 images. We have another variable for controlling the sliding interval which is :

var Interval = 6000;//6 seconds

I created this by inspiring the design from premiumpixels.com Special thanks to Orman for this.