Facebook Style Reactions – A Simple jQuery Plugin to Generate FB LIKE Button


We all know Facebook as a giant social networking platform that always keeps us inspired by its amazing features. Last year Facebook totally changed the idea of how we like a post.

It gave us a way to react more to any post by choosing our reaction from a list of 6. Recently while I was working on my upcoming version of PHP Wall Script, I built the same feature (Facebook Reactions) for my application. Moreover, I wrapped it as a jQuery plugin shape so the user should easily download and integrate it into their projects. I hope you’d like it.

About the Plugin

This plugin allows you to generate a like button similar to Facebook style with the option to select different reactions from the list. i-e Like, haha, sad, wow, etc.

With very simple HTML you can convert the simple button to an interactive Facebook-style reaction button which will submit the selection a user will make back to the database.

How to Use

See the example page or Github page for more detail and to download the plugin.

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