Authorize.Net is my favorite payment mode for using in web development. It is simple, easy and secure payment connection. I use authorize.Net in my codeigniter based projects and here is the code and downloads.

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  1. Idea is good but just publishing some piece of code will not help anyone. There is no explanation of how to implement it and most of the files are also missing. Where is the description for that?

  2. Hello

    [0] => 1
    [1] => 1
    [2] => 1
    [3] => (TESTMODE) This transaction has been approved.
    [4] => 000000
    [5] => P
    [6] => 0

    Currently i am getting this responses but i want

    [x_response_code] => 3
    [x_response_reason_code] => 5
    [x_response_reason_text] => (TESTMODE) A valid amount is required.
    [x_avs_code] => P
    [x_auth_code] => 000000
    [x_trans_id] => 0
    [x_method] => CC

    This type of responses can you help me how i can get this?

  3. I have implemented this code and its working fine but I have requirment to save the token after every transaction. Can any body help me out.

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