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My Web Development ToolKit – 2018


If you are a web developer then you must be aware that how fast the technology and tools are changing in web development field. As a full-stack web developer I am fully aware of it and always try best to accommodate myself with recent developments and changes.

12 Reasons Why Codeigniter Framework is Better than Custom PHP Development

Perhaps the title and focus of this article should not be specific for only Codeigniter, As any PHP framework has its own features and benefits against custom PHP development. But I love Codeigniter framework because of its very easy configuration and flexibility of going into very depth of development. I have been working in this framework since 2008, So I have pretty good reasons base on my experience with this framework that why using Codeigniter is a lot better than going to raw PHP or custom development.

reCaptcha style Captcha with JQuery and PHP

This tutorial is about creating a captcha same to Recaptcha. I used CSS and PHP for this. You can find a few tutorials about creating and integrating captcha/Recaptcha in PHP over 99 points, but now you can create your own Recaptcha-style captcha with PHP and jquery. I created a form with a captcha a few …

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AJAX Pagination using jQuery and PHP with Animation

  I have created an Ajax JQuery based pagination few months before which my users liked very much and there are thousands of downloads of that tutorial. So, I thought to create on another tutorial for pagination with some jquery effects to make stylish and attractive. Its animated loading of records using jquery animation. I …

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