New tutorial in Rating System series is here for you. It is a stylish and animated rating system I created many Ajax based Rating and Voting systems over You can get Youtube Style Ratings and Ajax Rating In this rating system i used tag cloud technique, where top times rated star will be show bigger than others. So when you want to give a rate to any image or post, Click on your desired star number from 1-5 and then this star will go to bigger and bigger on each click. This is an awesome and unique rating system. Hope you like. You can get facebook style comment script, facebook style extracting url data, youtube style share button, facebook style profile edit, Ajax search tutorial, Dynamic dropdown using jQuery and Ajax and many others.

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  1. hello im trying to add db ” structure in to my mysql window.”
    but im getting error after uploading to server.

    “Warning: mysql_connect():

    Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost'(using password:YES) in (address on server of my dbcon.php on line 21 error


    my code in dbcon.php


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