When it comes to eCommerce websites, the one area you don’t want to scrimp on is your hosting. For eCommerce hosting, there’s more bandwidth required as well as legal requirements that you’ll have to consider when selecting the best hosting company for your site.

Getting Started: Security, Payment Processors

For starters, you’ll need a highly secured 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure your customers’ data is fully protected and is in full PCI compliance. (Payment Cards Industry applies to any payment processing.) You’ll also need easy integration of all major online payment processors. PayPal is the most convenient, and credit card companies, such as Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro, should all be integrated into your shopping cart.

Extra Features, Backing Up the Site

Since shopping carts are included in most eCommerce plans, you only need to consider the extra features that are included with the various providers. Leading hosting providers offer extremely diverse solutions. For example, you can have alerts sent directly to the latest Apple iOS devices and other smart phones, allowing you to manage your store on the go and keep you updated on new orders. Therefore, not only are you able to deliver a top-notch shopping experience to your customers, as they’re out and about, but you can also manage your business while you’re away from the office.

To make things operate more smoothly, look for a provider that offers an automatic backup of your site periodically and regularly – you never know when problems will arise. Auto backups ensure that you only set it up once, and then you can relax, knowing that you can restore your site to its original design.

Simple Backend Management on the Go

The ability to manage your website from your mobile phone should also be taken into consideration during the website development process. That way, you can get an alert sent to your phone, updating you of a new order, then you can send a personal “thank you” all from your phone or mobile device. Personally greeting or thanking customers via mobile alerts or texts is another way to leave a lasting impression while encouraging repeat business and positive reviews to your website.

Promptly Respond to Reviews with Google Apps Integration

One of the key features of a good host is integration with Google Apps. Not only can you can manage your emails on the go, but you can set up custom email alerts for your business and monitor the web for reviews about your products or services. This also allows you to reply to customer feedback and stay on top of any issues that may arise.

Finding a Good Host is Crucial

Most sites have gone mobile these days, especially eCommerce websites. But there are several factors to consider before diving in, such as security issues, payment processors and managing your site from your own mobile device. That’s why finding a reputable hosting company is key to the success of your site.

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