Today, I am going to point out some of very important things while some one is searching a best web hosting service. Many readers asked me to tell them about the best web host services. You will find many articles over the web about top 10 web host companies etc, but I believe that the top web host companies are not your solution. Because every one has its own requirement and budget for web host and may be those top web host companies are expensive. So what should we do here. You can go to any web host provider and check out their plans and packages. In this case you should check few points and make sure they are providing such features.

Check your Requirements

First thing depends on your requirement. No one can not buy a 5GB hosting package plan on a top web host company if he needs only 100MB space to host a static website. So, keep in focus what you need and what you are looking for. Search a company which offers you secure linux web hosting servers with some basic features.


Storage is primary thing in selecting a good web hosting. Normally it depends on you that how much you want space for hosting your website. If you have a small website then few GB space is enough for you, other wise you can move to unlimited storage packages. But that may increase your cost as well. So, first make sure how much you want storage. If you just want to host few small websites having few hundreds MB size, then 2-3 GB is enough for it. But some times a small size website gets many users daily and plenty of uploading and downloading data, So here comes bandwidth problem.


Bandwidth is the amount of data (download, upload) which is allowed by your hosting provider to you and your users in a month. For example if you have a blog on which you offers some data such as vide, audio, files etc for users to be downloaded/uploaded. If you have 50GB bandwidth then this you can not upload/download more than 50GB data to your server in a month. Normally, a small site has no issue with that. This problem comes with big scope websites or the sites which offer downloading and uploading of heavily data.

Control Panel

Make sure you have a control panel for your web hosting. Control panel is a webmaster side where you can control your hosting. You can check your space, bandwidth, create FTP accounts, can set cron jobs, add subdomains, creates databases and much more things which you need.

Number of Databases

You will need few MB space for a small database. But problem comes when you come to know that you are not allowed to create more than 5 databases. Mostly, for small package, you will be allowed only few databases. So, check the number of databases given by hosting providers.

Number of domains and subdomains

Some times our site reaches at a point where we need few sub domains for that. So, you should check that how many domains and sub domains are allowed to you.

Blog Supported

Make sure your hosting is blog supported such as WordPress, Bloggers and other top blogs services. Some hosting providers does not allow you to install such blogs on your hosting. Check that your hosting has required PHP and MYSQL version with some required extension such as mod_rewrite which is used for WordPress.

Email accounts

Again, most hosting service providers allow you to create only few email accounts. Email accounts are created with domains you have on that hosting. Such as I have this domain and my email address is zeeshan at on this hosting. If you are getting a hosting for such a site which needs unlimited email accounts then you should check the number of email accounts for that package.

Technical Support

This is much important thing in any web hosting service that how they support their customers. Do not select a web hosting company which has poor technical support. Some times you send a issue to them and they reply it after weeks. Make sure you are provided by 24 hours online help support.

Backup Facility

If your site is always being updated by your users by adding/removing files, data etc then you must need a backup facility for your site. A good hosting provider gives you this feature. They take backup of your site on daily basis, So you are secured with any loss of your data.

Extra Features and Offers

Last but not least, most companies offers you free domain name, some discount on packages and many other attractive features for their clients. Some companies offers some cool packages on good rate with time to time. So, make sure you are going to buy a good hosting package with important features available in it.

Hope the above points will help you much to get a best web hosting solutions. If you have these features in your web hosting then you will have no issue in future.

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