WordPress is awesome and in this post we will discuss why to choose WordPress as our blogging platform. If you have not started your blog yet, you should be definitely doing this by now. Starting a blog is not a difficult job and you can find many useful helping material on that.

WordPress is a big name in built-in open source CMS solutions. There are more like Joomla and Drupal but WordPress is leading the market and powering up around 30% of the total websites in the world. Well that is a really a giant share in this growing digital expansion.

Although there are many popular players in the ring such as:

But WordPress is on #1 blogging service because of many reasons.

1- 60% CMS are Powered by WordPress

WordPress is an open source CMS and 60% of all CMS currently being used on this planet are powered by this amazing software. Which makes it more attractive choice among others.

2- Very Active and Large Community

Adopting any built-in software is sometimes turned into a nightmare if proper support and community help is not provided. While WordPress has a massive and very active community based support and developers available online.

There are many active forums and blogs run by WordPress gurus which are providing free and paid help and support related to WordPress. Apart from that It has its own support section where millions of threads have been created which covers almost every aspect of the WordPress.

3- A Fully SEO Compatible System

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key factor for any website or blog which decides the ranking and position of that blog in search list of any search engine. Good SEO means a website or blog is meeting all the rules and standards which must be fulfilled to give a rank to any webpage. Higher the rank means most of the search engine users which are looking for something your blog offers, will see your website in their search list in first page and most likely to visit it.

Luckily, WordPress has everything you need for SEO. It automatically takes care of all those standards and hence perform very good SEO for the blog.

4- Thousands of Free Plugins

WordPress Plugin section offers thousands of free plugins. Plugins are piece of script which performs something extra and useful without changing the main CMS or core WordPress files. It adds more actions and features to existing WordPress site without paying a penny.

5- Multi Language Support

Another brilliant feature of WordPress is, it supports multi language versions. No matter what language you speak, you can easily find WordPress in your language. There are many plugins which offers such functionality and translates your website into any language of your choice.

6- Continuous Enhancements & Bug Fixing

WordPress is open source and continuous enhancements are being made since its initial releases. Almost in every few weeks a new release or security fixes are released. Since its initial release till now, massive enhancements have been made to its user interface, functionality and to the structure of the system. Its always up to the level for the latest coding and designing standards.

7- Low Cost Development/Enhancements

WordPress is open source software and being used massively which makes it more popular and easily available for everyone on the internet. This thing also creates more WordPress programmers, writers and designers. You can easily hire a WordPress developer or writer by going any online platform such as Fiverr or Upwork, if you have anything to fix or enhance in your wordpress blog.

8- High Performance with High Security

Security and performance are two very important factors of any software specially which are working in an online environment. In web based applications these factors becomes more crucial and WordPress knows it very well. Continuous upgrade and security fixes in its releases makes WordPress the most high secured open source CMS.

9- Easy Customization & Management

WordPress has a great admin dashboard through which you can customize every part of your blog. The hundreds of thousands plugins, widgets and themes are available on the web and every thing does its job very well when it is attached to the WordPress.


There are many more features which makes WordPress a perfect candidate for your blog or website. If you are convinced and thinking to use WordPress then do it right now without any further delay. If you have no web hosting space, then do not worry, just signup to Bluehost which offers some very good packages according to user’s requirements. They have one-click solution to WordPress installation.

Please share this post with your friends and do comment in below to let me know which CMS you will be going to use for your next or first project :)

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