Learn some Best Tips for doing SEO of Your websites.

SEO is most important part for any website. SEO depends on how your website has been developed. Many things we have to keep in mind while developing a site. Here i have discussed some use full tips on SEO to keep our pages on top in search engines.

Does the site use a correct Doctype?

A doctype (short for ‘document type declaration’) informs the validator which version of (X)HTML you’re using, and must appear at the very top of every web page. Doctypes are a key component of compliant web pages: your markup and CSS won’t validate without them.
Fix your site with the right doctype

Does the site use a Character set?

Tutorial: Character sets & encodings in XHTML, HTML and CSS

Does the site use Valid (X)HTML?

Valid code will render better than invalid code. Browsers are becoming more standards compliant, and it is becoming increasingly necessary to write valid and standards compliant HTML

Does the site have a favicon?

Make sure that your site has favicon on all pages.

Does the site use friendly URLs?

Most search engines (with a few exceptions – namely Google) will not index any pages that have a question mark or other character (like an ampersand or equals sign) in the URL… what good is a site if no one can find it?

For large sites, is there a search tool?

While search tools are not needed on smaller sites, and some people will not ever use them, site-specific search tools allow users a choice of navigation options.

Does the site’s URL work without “www”?

While this is not critical, and in some cases is not even possible, it is always good to give people the choice of both options. If a user types your domain name without the www and gets no site, this could disadvantage both the user and you.

Does the site include detailed metadata?

Metadata is machine understandable information for the web

Is there a clear visual hierarchy?

Organise and prioritise the contents of a page by using size, prominence and content relationships

Does the site use accessible forms?

Forms aren’t the easiest of things to use for people with disabilities. Navigating around a page with written content is one thing, hopping between form fields and inputting information is another

Are all links are descriptive?

Link text should be meaningful enough to make sense when read out of context – either on its own or as part of a sequence of links. Link text should also be terse.

Are “alt” attributes have been used for all images?

Provide a text equivalent for every non-text element

Does the site is JavaScript errors free?

Internet Explore for Windows allows you to turn on a debugger that will pop up a new window and let you know there are javascript errors on your site. This is available under ‘Internet Options’ on the Advanced tab. Uncheck ‘Disable script debugging’.

These are some important SEO tips and tricks which can bring our site on search.

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