PixelKit: Be 1 of 3 Annual Subscription Winners to Premium UI Kits {CLOSED}

Today, we have an amazing giveaway for our readers. PixelKit is announcing that they are sharing three annual membership subscriptions with their online viewers.

Follow the very simple steps given at the end of the post and get a chance to win an annual subscription to premium UI kits.


PixelKit makes available a huge array of unique graphics to web designers and site developers. The UI kits are 100% specialized. These kits include a huge assortment of app screens, navigational controls, and other essential website components.

Potential subscription winners are encouraged to peruse through the huge assortment of buttons, sliders, icons, and other necessary elements for building a high-level website, before obtaining their voucher to become a potential winner in the contest.

A quick sampling of the most popular UI kits and associated icon sets are listed below:

Dark Velvet – Dark UI Kit

Dark Velvet offers the ideal solution for creating a corporate, sophisticated website with its sharp, elegant lines.


5 O’clock Shades – App Icons

This icon set is a combination of the modern flat style with a more detailed approach, giving the icons a cool and modern vibe.



Crooked Stats – Stats Infographic Kit

For a website that needs a visual representation of easy-to-view data and information, this infographic kit is an ideal solution to present complex information clearly and distinctly.


Vanilla Cream – Light UI Kit

Vanilla Cream offers the ideal icons and site elements perfectly suited for a pastry, bistro, or coffee shop website.


Flat Jewels – Flat Icon Set

Looking for the ideal solution for making your mobile application or website shine? The Flat JewelsUI kit is the perfect colorful flat website component and icon set for creating the ideal metro feel.


Chubby Stacks – Fresh UI Kit

Built with 100+ vector elements, Chubby Stacks offers a playful, refreshing look for a website designed with style and panache.


How to enter!

Anyone interested in obtaining a voucher needs to follow specific guideline that includes the following:

  1. Leave your comment below this post indicating how you believe that PixelKit premium graphics will be utilized if you are selected as one of the three annual subscription winners.
  2. Leave a tweet on your Twitter account indicating the following: Retweet (RT to Enter).

Wanna show some love? Please head over to our PixelKit Facebook page and hit the “Like” button.

This giveaway will run for the next 7 days, ending on 19 November 2013.

Like you, many website designers and developers recognize that these effective PixelKit tools can help save energy, time, and hassle. As a winner, you will have immediate access to these professional-grade UI kits, allowing you to finish your next project faster than ever.

Good Luck!

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  1. i’m a backend web developer with basic css knowledge, i’m working on my first project, an invoicing system powered by Yii Framework, thinks to such
    a great solution as twitter bootstrap’s and the creative designs of
    PixelKit guys, publishing my work with a responsive, elegant and
    professional design will not be an issue any more.

  2. I am a web designer from Morocco and I have an amazing collection of such ui and always use them in my projects. Wish to use these for my new project.

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