Google API is a great set of developer’s tools. These tools make programmers able to perform operations using google API and living within their development framework.

Google API provides a way to use its features easily. You can use its maps api, google feeds api, google search api and google friends connect which is very useful tools for any site.

Google Maps API

Using google maps api, you can embed googls map on your site. With a short piece of code its really easy to show map.

Google AJAX Search API

Google seach API provides google’s searching functionality on your webiste.

Google AJAX Feed API

Using AJAX feed api you can download any public Atom or RSS feed using  JavaScrip.

Google Visualization API

If you want to create bars, charts, graphs and want to draw some specific charts for your products or results then google Visualization is best thing to use.

Google AJAX Language API

You can translate any word in different language on your website using google ajax language API.

AJAX Libraries API

Google ajax libraries API holds a number of libraries. You can access open source libraries using google’s methods.

Google Book Search APIs

Its same as google search but it allows you to search within google books and make it enable on your web page.

Google Earth API

It is a 3D glob using this you can draw markers and images to make your web pages more interactive.

Google Friend Connect APIs

Google friends Connect allow your friends to become a part of your web page and make owner able to check and track the visitors of its website.

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